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Fosegroup Agriculture Subsidiary is an integrated provider of agricultural products and services linking farmers to markets. Our production line cuts across: Aquaculture; Snailry; Grasscutter; and Poultry (Table eggs, old layers, other poultry products).

Agriculture Trading & Processing

We operate on an integrated global basis to source, store, trade, process and distribute grains and oil seeds including wheat, corn, oil seeds, barley and sorghum, as well as vegetable oils and meals. Our supply chain efficiency combined with origin and logistical flexibility enables us to deliver significant value to our customers around the world.

Animal Feeds & Protein

If you are formulating your own feed, you know that a number of factors can impact feed ingredient quality. This can include harvest conditions, the development of new hybrid crops and changes in production equipment, to name a few. To ensure you can maintain performance and profitability, you need to understand the exact nutritional value of your feed. We have the capabilities to help you make sure your business has the best nutrition at the right cost.

Crops Production & Processing

Also, Fonwose Global Services Limited specialises in the establishment and management of industrial as well as smallholders’ plantations and allied processing and down stream industries. Crops produced and processed by the company include oil palm, pineapple, plantain and cassava. Our strong origination capabilities made it feasible for value-addition and direct marketing of our agro-products to regional buyers. Many of our products undergo primary and intermediate processing before they are delivered to the final customer. These and other value chain services have allowed for the building of synergies between our activities in the origin and destination markets.

Our Cassava Products

Fosegroup is involved in cassava production, processing and export. Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a perennial woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is grown principally for its tuberous roots but its leaves are also eaten in some parts of Africa and are used as animal feed in parts of Asia. The roots are 25 to 35 percent starch and the leaves contain significant amounts of protein and other nutrients. Cassava is a hardy crop, tolerant to extreme ecological conditions and even thrives on impoverished soils.

Our Oil Products

As part of a fully integrated production chain from seedlings to finished product, FoseGroup aspires to be a leading player in the oil palm industry in Nigeria. Oil Palm is important both as a food crop and for commercial applications ranging from soaps and cosmetics to candles and bio-diesel.

We have started to aggressively pursue growth in plantain supply for the domestic market and pineapple for export.

Our Services

Our services include: Consultancy, Training, Laboratory Analysis, Pond Water Management, etc. Our service technicians, veterinarians, and aqua technical service teams routinely visit farmers to ensure animals and fish are cared for properly.

Post-Harvest & Marketing

Fonwose Global Services Limited provides the essential link between farmers and consumers. In almost every growing region in West Africa and trading centres in bordering regions, there is a FoseGroup buying agent. Not only does this allow us to buy volumes at competitive prices, but also our presence at the grassroots level gives FoseGroup access to critical farm gate information to support marketing and trading decisions.

Fosegroup activities in the post-harvest sector are focused on ensuring enhanced value of food and agricultural products through the application of cost-efficient and environmentally-sound post-harvest techniques, particularly those which contribute to reducing losses and to increasing the efficiency of the post-production system. Activities within our post-harvest system include grading, handling, storage, primary processing, packaging, and marketing.

Market development is critical if African farmers are to more fully participate in global trade. To support this, we have developed a network of up-country procurement units and warehouses. Our trained and experienced field managers, with well-institutionalized field operating systems, enable us have an accurate stock and quality assessment process and practice effective risk management. Being present at the farm gate allows us enjoy better delivery and fulfillment capability of agricultural products to customers in volatile commodity markets.

Our customers expect a reliable supply and efficient service. We achieve this by getting to know our business partners and determining their specific needs. We are dedicated to building unique and long term relationships with customers that reflect their individual requirements. We provide them with customized solutions, including special grades and quality, traceability, vendor-managed inventory solutions, organically certified supplies or fair trade produce certified supplies, market intelligence and tailor-made risk management solutions.

FoseGroup Consultancy Services

Fosegroup has had extensive experience in agro-industry development and consulting in Nigeria. We provide clients with a complete range of services in support of agro-industry project development and implementation from feasibility study, inception, structuring, financing, trade and investment through design, engineering, implementation and operational management.

Our long-established understanding of marketing, pricing and regulatory issues associated with the agricultural sector affords Fosegroup pioneer status in public-private partnerships. Specializing in sector analysis and market research we have provided services to non-governmental organizations and financial institutions seeking assistance with trade & investment promotion as well as private corporations seeking assistance with market access. We regularly participate in sector-focused trade missions, conferences, investor presentations, and workshops.

Our team of agricultural extension specialists train farmers and farm workers in modern, yet locally-specific, crop management practices. Using participatory, experiential, and learner-centred educational methods, our facilitators focus on maintenance and post-harvest techniques aimed at curtailing high local qualitative and quantitative crop losses.


The Real Estate Division of Fonwose Global Services Limited is a vibrant, customer service focused, accommodation agent within the Group and is considered a leader in both residential and commercial real estate management in Nigeria. We specialise in palatial homes, fully serviced apartments and condominiums all in the most desirable and convenient locations. Commercially, FoseGroup Real Estate Division is well diversified with an investment/ income-producing sector, a specialist in the private-sector site selection, and has relationships with several commercial developers for most other commercial real estate needs.


Fosegroup Oil & Gas, as the trading arm of Fonwose Global Services Limited are the supplier of vast range of specialty chemicals and engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry. Because each problem is different, we are committed to tailoring solutions to meet all of our customers’ unique and changing needs

Our Product offerings include acid corrosion inhibitors, control agents, surfactants and non-emulsifiers, friction reducers, anti-sludging agent and foamers. Other product offerings include paraffin dispersants, biocides, chemicals to inhibit corrosions, scales, greases, sludges, waxes and hydrates and emulsifiers, mud cake removers, mud detergents, oil wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and pipe releasing agents.


FoseGroup is committed to deliver excellence from concept to completion on every construction project. Our teams are dedicated to work closely with architects and other partners throughout the design and construction phase so that we can deliver timely projects with aesthetic and functional qualities that exceed clients’ expectations.

We also develop, maintain and operate quality hostel accommodations for institutions of higher learning. Our experience and strength in the industry continue to steer the company towards higher performance and growth for our clients and Company.

Cost Effective. Innovative Solutions.

We provide All-around Business Innovative Solutions for Companies and Agencies

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